The First Americans: The Excavation of Blackwater Draw Video

Video title: The Excavation of Blackwater Draw

Use this Native American History video entitled The Excavation of Blackwater Draw to study Blackwater Draw, an important archaeological site where generations of the earliest occupants of the New World lived, creating a layer cake of human settlement debris

Discover how carbon 14 dating revealed that the bones and weapons found at Blackwater Draw were from four separate occupations of the site, dating back 11,500 years.


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The First Americans: The Excavation of Blackwater Draw Video . Learning Objectives for this video:

  • Black Water Draw. Learn about The Excavation of Blackwater Draw. Learn about the Paleoindians, or 'First Indians', who populated the American continent about 11,500 years ago.
  • Discover how analyzing the tools and weapons found at key archaeological digs in Texas, New Mexico, and Colorado have given us detailed information about how the Paleoindian cultures lived.
  • Explore the unique culture from the mammoth hunters to the buffalo hunters to the ancestors of today's Native American cultures.
  • Describe the North American climate during and after the Pleistocene age.
  • Learn different types of dating methods, including Carbon 14 dating, tree-ring dating, and stratigraphy.
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