Indian Horse Culture

Video title: The Horse Culture

Learn about the band structure of Comanche society, how they lived and hunted, the clothes they wore, and their nomadic way of life. Listen to an interview of a modern day Comanche talking about their tribal dances.


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Indian Horse Culture. Learning Objectives for this video:

  • Indian Horse Culture. Learn about The Horse Culture. Discover the Native American cultures of Texas from the influence of the Spanish through the rise of the horse culture, and learn what animal provided materials that satisfied most of the needs of the Native American groups.
  • See how the Comanche affected the development of both the state of Texas and the United States, and discover whether or not the Gold Rushes of 1848 and 1850 affected the Comanche.
  • Understand the band structure of Comanche society.
  • Discover the events that led to the removal of the Comanche and Kiowa from the Great Plains.
  • Learn how today's Native American populations keep their heritage alive through music and costume.
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