Life in Early America as a Slave Video

Video title: Life as a Slave

Watch this Elementary American History video entitled Life as a Slave to study what it meant to be a slave and the way of life slavery offered before and after The American Civil War.

Discover what life was like as a slave. Learn how the slaves used songs and stories to preserve their history, and expressed their African heritage through games and dances. Discover how life changed as a result of the abolition of slavery. Examine the introduction of segregation as a result of the Jim Crow Laws, through to the passing of Civil Rights Acts in the 1960's.


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Life in Early America as a Slave Video. Learning Objectives for this video:

  • Life of Slaves. Learn about Life as a Slave in America. Witness the staying power of a young America through the turbulent times of the Civil War, Reconstruction, and the taming of the Wild West.
  • Learn why the North, South, and West argued over the issues of tariffs, slavery, and states' rights.
  • Compare the strengths of the Union and the Confederacy at the beginning of the Civil War and learn what life was like for both soldiers and civilians.
  • Examine the reasons why Reconstruction failed and the problems involved in rebuilding the South after the Civil War.
  • See how the geography of the West affected its settlement and how America's westward expansion destroyed the Native Americans' way of life.
  • Discover the many benefits of using online video for visual learning. Educational video for teaching the K-12 curriculum provides online learning for children and students of all ages and abilities. Using subtitled video - or video with closed captions - enables children to choose between watching, listening to, or reading each presentation whichever best suites their individual learning style. A wonderful option particularly for dyslexia and special needs education.

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