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Video title: Lawmen and Outlaws

Use this American Pioneering video entitled Texas Lawmen and Outlaws to study the myth from the reality of the cowboy and the influence of the Lawmen and Outlaws on the history of Texas

Learn about the famous lawmen like Wyatt Erp, Bat Masterson and Doc Holliday who walked the streets of Dodge City, and the infamous outlaws like the Dalton Gang.


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Texas Lawmen and Outlaws Video . Learning Objectives for this video:

  • Lawmen and Outlaws. Learn about the Lawmen and Outlaws. Discover the influence of the railroads on western expansion and on the trail drives.
  • Learn how Texas won its independence from Mexico as brave men battled the odds to defend the Alamo and defeat General Santa Anna at the Battle of San Jacinto.
  • Learn about the cowboys and trail drivers and discover the legends of the 'Wild West' and study how Americans accomplished their settlement of Texas.
  • Differentiate the myth from the reality of the cowboy.
  • Learn how the Texas longhorn earned its place in American history and how it shaped the future of America's cattle industry.
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