American Pioneers and Life on the Great Plains

Video title: Life on the Great Plains

Use this American Pioneering video entitled Life on the Great Plains to study life on The Great Plains and the crops, clothing, tools and shelters used by pioneers.

Study the ways in which the pioneers over came the lack of wood as building material and the type of shelters they built. Explore the hardships and loneliness the pioneers endured, by listening to some of the words they wrote. Discover how evolving land practices and new agricultural equipment marked the end of the pioneering era, as farming became big business by 1900.


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American Pioneers and Life on the Great Plains . Learning Objectives for this video:

  • Northwest Ohio History. Learn about Life on the Great Plains. Name the states within the Old Northwest Territory and explore the hardships and rewards found in the everyday existence of the early pioneers.
  • Discover the riches of the land as pioneering farmer's established new settlements that would become the legacy of today's farming industry.
  • Discover the difference between deed-holding farmers and squatters.
  • Learn the names and dates for the two documents important to this episode in pioneering, the Homestead Act and the Ordinance of 1787.
  • Describe the crops, clothing, tools, and shelters used by pioneers.
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