American Pioneers: Gold Prospectors and Miners Video

Video title: Prospectors and Miners

Use this American Pioneering video entitled American Gold Prospectors and Miners, to study some of the Prospectors and Miners responsible for the major gold strikes and the gold rush that followed.

Find out how the early prospectors found gold, by panning in the rivers. Identify where the major strikes were found, and how make shift towns would spring up almost over night, called Boom towns.


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American Pioneers: Gold Prospectors and Miners Video . Learning Objectives for this video:

  • History of Gold Mining. Learn about the Prospectors and Miners. Learn the patterns of exploration of the American interior and the natural resources that have been important reasons for these patterns.
  • Learn about the true mountain men who roamed America's western mountain ranges and travel with the adventurous gold seekers who flocked to California and other points west.
  • Outline the history of the trappers, from the trading post era to the development of the rendezvous system.
  • Discover what mountain men were and identify characteristics of the group.
  • Locate and name some of the major gold strikes and discuss the idea of a 'boom town'.
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