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Government by the People: The Living Constitution video

Video title: The Living Constitution

Use this American Government by the People video entitled The Living Constitution to understand how government works and to study how the Constitution of the United States grants and limits powers. The framers established a government by ordinary people. They did not anticipate Americans would be so virtuous and civic-minded that they could be trusted to operate a government without checks and balances. The framers were suspicious of people, especially of those having political power, so they separated and distributed the powers of the newly created national government in a variety of ways. The framers were also concerned with creating a national government strong enough to solve national problems. Thus, they gave the national government substantial grants of power, but these grants were made with such broad strokes that it has been possible for the constitutional system to remain flexible and adapt to changing conditions. 

Learn about The Living Constitution.


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Government by the People: The Living Constitution video. Learning Objectives for this video:

  • The Living Constitution. Learn about The Living Constitution. Gain a richer understanding of America's government and learn why a democracy requires continual participation by its citizens.
  • Learn and study about The Living Constitution
  • Compare current policies in welfare, health care, education, and crime against policies of the New Deal and Great Society.
  • See how the social and economic diversity in American society affects public opinion, special interest groups, and voting behavior.
  • Study the United States' foreign and defense policies and its role in the United Nations. Learn about the roots of state constitutions and the challenges for state and local governments.
  • Discover the many benefits of using online video for visual learning. Educational video for teaching the K-12 curriculum provides online learning for children and students of all ages and abilities. Using subtitled video - or video with closed captions - enables children to choose between watching, listening to, or reading each presentation whichever best suites their individual learning style. A wonderful option particularly for dyslexia and special needs education.

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