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Video title: World War 1 1914-1920

Use this Discovering American History video entitled World War 1 1914 to 1920 to study the activist foreign policy of Progressive Presidents Roosevelt, Taft, and Wilson and how America became more interventionist in the Western Hemisphere, but when war broke out in Europe in 1914, most Americans did not see any national interest at stake. Learn how eventually the U.S. joined the Allies when Germany broke its pledges to restrict the use of the submarine. Discover how Americans mobilized rapidly, accepting unprecedented governmental control and how a drive to mobilize Americans' minds led to domestic hostility toward ethnic groups and "reds," and serious violations of civil rights that went largely unpunished. The war also affected women and African Americans.

Learn about World War 1 1914-1920.


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World War 1 1914 to 1920 video. Learning Objectives for this video:

  • The World War 1. Learn about World War 1 1914-1920. Follow the development of the United States from colonial days through the 1980's through the experiences of diverse communities of Americans.
  • Learn and study about World War 1 1914-1920
  • Learn how the Revolutionary and Constitutional period tested the ability of communities to keep their local identities while forging a national one.
  • Witness the struggle between national and sectional powers during the Civil War and Reconstruction. Examine how the weaknesses of local governments contributed to the growing power of national institutions during the Great Depression.
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