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How our videos and quizzes can help with homework

Offering a resource of well in excess of over 1,000 online education videos covering 240 topics all of which have been written and developed specifically to meet the needs of the K12 education student and the K12 curriculum, ZaneEducation may well offer the most comprehensive, effective, user-friendly and useful Homework Help website service currently available.

Can you imagine having your own private teacher that you can bring home with you each day after school? And then at the click of a button you can sit back and watch while the topic you have chosen to study or revise is provided for you on video, and can be played as often as you require. Then test yourself about what you have remembered by using the online interactive quizzes that we provide for each topic.

In addition to this the ZaneEducation Homework Help service also provides a huge resource other K12 educational material, many of which are completely free to use. These materials include our own online encyclopaedia, dictionary, a copy of the constantly updated World Fact Book and World Leader Guide, copies of famous historical documents, the Christian Home Learning Guide, a selection of music specifically selected to help maximise the effectiveness of your study time, and a whole lot more.

In fact if you, like many students, are unfortunate enough to miss days off school at different times, we offer enough resources here on this website on video, to help ensure that you do not fall behind because of the time you have lost at school. As long as you have some idea of the topics that you are studying at the present time, it is likely we will have those topics on video here.