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Homeschoolers & Homeschooling

How our educational videos and quizzes can help homeschoolers

Zane Publishing has developed a strong following and a prominent reputation in the homeschool and home education market since they released their first K12 educational CD-ROM in 1995.

Over the last 15 years we have worked closely with a team of academics and educators to develop over 250 CD-ROM titles to specifically meet and satisfy the needs and requirements of the rapidly growing number of homeschool families across the country.

We have a number of homeschoolers on our staff and for that reason would like to think that we understand many of the challenges that face those families that have made the decision to homeschool their children.

Being able to provide quality, user friendly curriculum learning material at an affordable price was at the forefront of our minds in 2006 when we made the decision to convert all of the learning material on our CD-ROM's into what is now one of this country's largest and most comprehensive libraries of K12 online video.

Now, Zane's entire library of over 1,000 online K12 educational videos is available to use online, here on the ZaneEducation website, by our subscribers.

They provide a very user-friendly homeschool aid for parents, reducing the actual teaching time by the parent by discussing the facts about each particular subject that's required to be learned. At the same time they provide each student with the ability to learn at their own individual speed, thereby enabling then to achieve their individual greatest potential.

Each video topic is accompanied by it's own quality online interactive quiz that enables each student to test themselves about what they have learned from using the relevant video(s). Our quizzes help to extend the learning process by explaining why each answer provided is correct or incorrect.

The use of teaching by video in education has always demonstrated itself to be a highly effective medium. Not only does it introduce a greater degree of fun and interest for the student, it is always much more effective at attracting and maintaining the student's attention over a longer period of time.