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Students Learning English as a Second Language

How our videos and quizzes can help students learning English as a second language

Zane's comprehensive library of online educational videos is proving to be extremely valuable for those many millions of students around the world learning English as a second language.

All of our online videos are subtitled, which means the student can watch, listen AND read onscreen what is being taught.

This provides a significant advantage in that the student is able to learn, and develop their English reading and speaking skills while they are learning a variety of other subjects.

Some of Zane's staff provide accommodation for students coming from other countries to learn and improve their English reading and speaking skills. They have found that one of the most common problems faced by these students is that they are being placed in a school environment where they encounter more technical words and phrases that they would not normally encounter in the more traditional manner of learning another language. As a result when they encounter a word like 'photosynthesis' for example in a Biology class, they experience difficulty, which can limit their learning ability in that class.

Using our videos they can see and read the word, see how it is spelt and hear how it is pronounced, and can therefore a develop a far better meaning and understanding of the word and the context in which it is used.

We encourage and invite students learning English as a second language to try using our online educational videos in this manner so they can discover and experience these additional benefits for themselves.