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Dyslexia and Reading Disabilities

How our videos and quizzes can help with dyslexia & reading disabilities

Despite the growth of eLearning, or the using of the Internet to deliver education, over the last 10 years, students that suffer from dyslexia and reading disabilities have been largely overlooked, and are still not catered for as well as they could be when it comes to being provided with effective online education facilities.

But ZaneEducation is now able to provide a solution.

Our on-demand online K12 educational video teaching service provides all of our students with 1,000+ K12 online educational videos that they can either watch, read or LISTEN to.

While each of our online videos is also subtitled, each of the educational presentations, irrelevant of subject or topic, is able to be listened to and watched, so that the student suffering from dyslexia or reading disability is no longer disadvantaged.

But the fact that our videos are subtitled does provide those dyslexic students with the option of seeing and gradually recognising the words that they are hearing, and therefore potentially benefiting from it.