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Walt Whitman Biography video

Use online video to study the poetry and biography of Walt Whitman. Use the video subtitles to improve Reading and Literacy skills .... simultaneously!

Use this History of American Literature video entitled The Biography of Walt Whitman to study the life and poetry of Walt Whitman and his love of nature and diversity.

Use our 2 online educational video titles to understand why the poetry of Walt Whitman (1819-1892) still has relevance and meaning to people today. Examine selected excerpts from Walt Whitman's landmark work, Leaves of Grass, and see how they illustrate the poet's love of nature and diversity, the spiritual aspects of democracy, the uniqueness of the individual, and the extraordinariness of even the commonplace.

Learning Objectives:

  • Examine the uniqueness of Walt Whitman's poetic form through selected excerpts from his landmark work, Leaves of Grass.
  • Explain how Whitman's poetry expresses democratic ideals.
  • Discuss Walt Whitman's point of view in relation to his poetic themes, and the way in which the form of his poetic expression emphasizes that point of view.
  • Draw parallels between Walt Whitman's poetic vision and the social history of America.
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