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Literature of The Renaissance and Reformation Video

Study Literature of The Renaissance and Reformation using online video. Use the video subtitles to improve Reading and Literacy skills ... at the same time!

Use these 5 online educational video titles on History Through Literature to learn about and discover the Literature and literary works during the time known as the period of Renaissance and Reformation.

Study and identify the connections between historical events and the literature, literary figures and literary works of the Renaissance. Writers such as Sir Thomas More and Erasmus had more power than ever before to change history because of the new technology of printing with moveable type.

Learning Objectives:

  • Define humanism, identify its origins in the literature of ancient Greece and Rome, and describe how European writers rediscovered humanist ideals.
  • Identify some of the important events that happened in world history during the Renaissance and Reformation, between 1400 and 1660 and name some of the authors who lived and wrote during this time.
  • Discover the mercantile system and how it increased the power of the monarchy and caused the merchant class to prosper and expand.
  • Learn about the siglo de oro (golden century) in Spanish literature and the Elizabethan age in English literature, identifying some of the important writers of each movement.
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